FastExcel V4 SpeedTools

FastExcel V4 SpeedTools - the Speedup engine for FastExcel V4

FastExcel SpeedTools is one of the FastExcel V4 family of products.

  • Use SpeedTools state-of-the-art set of tools to help you speed up slow Excel calculation.
  • Now Available: SpeedTools Run-Time for distribution of the Functions to your users (does not facilitate creation of SpeedTools Functions).
  • Use FastExcel V4 Profiler to show you where the slow calculations are.
  • Use FastExcel V4 Manager: to help you develop, debug, manage and maintain your workbooks.

Supercharge Excel's calculation engine with SpeedTools

With FastExcel SpeedTools you can calculate what you need, when you need, faster:

  • Over 100 Powerful faster-calculating functions to unblock your calculation bottlenecks.
    • Floating and static totalling for Dynamic Arrays
    • Dynamic Unpivot, Array Stacking, Slicing and Resizing
    • Matches (Join), Missmatches (Anti-join) and Compare ranges and arrays
    • Eliminate Lookup, Sumif and Array calculation bottlenecks
    • Array-friendly AND and OR Functions
    • Advanced Text handling Functions
    • Efficient Linear Interpolation Functions
    • Function run-time available for your user's workbooks
  • Dynamic Formatting for Dynamic Arrays
    • Expand or contract formatting as the Dynamic Array changes size
    • Format the DA using standard Excel formatting tools, then tell SpeedTools how to repeat the formatting
    • Dynamic formatting of Rows, Columns or both
    • Dynamic Conditional Formats
    • Banding, quarterly totals and other repeating formats
    • Allows separately formatted headers and floating row and column totals
  • Extended calculation methods and modes to minimize calculation.
    • Only calculate the active workbook
    • Mix Automatic and Manual calculation by worksheet.
    • Control Workbook Open calculation methods.
  • Time the individual calculation performance of your formulae, UDFs, worksheets and workbooks.

SpeedTools V4 License holders can download and install the latest build.

Installing the latest build will overwrite the previous SpeedTools installation and preserve your license activation.

Note - BREAKING CHANGE - as from build 458.442 of SpeedTools the parameters for the ACCUMULATE function have changed

Supports Excel 365 and previous versions

  • Fast Multi-threaded calculation with both 32 and 64 bit Excel Versions of Excel 365, 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2007
  • Uses Excel DNA Intellisense to simplify formula entry
  • Fast calculating functions written in C++ using the XLL interface
  • Requires Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 and .NET4 or later

Try it out for yourself:

Download FastExcel V4 Bundle.

Get a 15-day trial Bundle license (Trial version restricts Profiling to a single Worksheet)

You can convert the trial version of FastExcel V4 to a fully licensed version at any time by purchasing one of the FastExcel V4 licensing options.

Want to know more?

View the FastExcel V4 WebHelp

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