FastExcel V4 SpeedTools Filters

FastExcel V4 SpeedTools Filters

  • High-performance Multiple-Condition Filtering and Aggregating

  • Dynamic Sorting and Distinct/Unique Lists with Sums and Counts.

SpeedTools Multiple-Condition Filtering Family

  • Replace slow array formulas and SUMPRODUCT with fast FILTER.IFS functions.
  • Super fast performance on sorted data.
  • Use the Filter functions:
    • In Dynamic Array or CSE formulas
  • The SpeedTools Filtering functions have extended criteria that provide much more power than SUMIFS
    • Full set of Relational operators including NOT
    • Regex and wildcard operators
    • Data Type filters #ERR, #TXT, #N, #BOOL, #EMPTY, #ZLS, #TYPE, #BLANK
    • Inclusion or exclusion Lists from arrays or ranges
    • Alternative OR groups of criteria
    • Expressions and calculated columns allowed as criteria columns
    • Criteria columns can be a range or a labelled column
    • restrict to Visible Rows

SpeedTools LISTDISTINCTS Family of functions

These functions provide efficient and flexible methods to work with distinct items or distinct rows in ranges or arrays of data.

The functions can be embedded inside other functions that process arrays or entered as Dynamic Array or CSE formulas.

Options are available for:

  • Single-cell counts of DISTINCTS or DUPLICATES
  • Sorted ascending/descending or unsorted list of distinct items or rows
  • Sums, Counts or Averages for each row in the list of distinct items
  • Sorted ascending/descending on the Sums/Counts/Averages
  • Case-sensitivity Option
  • Distinct Rows or Cells
  • What to show in unused cells
  • Ignore error values, blanks or zeros
  • Can process the output from embedded FILTER.IFS functions

SpeedTools Sorting Functions

The 6 dynamic sorting functions can be used to return sorted arrays with mixed ascending or descending columns.

  • Sort the same way as Excel's SORT or use a faster method.
  • Output either a sorted list or an array of sorted indexes.
  • Optionally case-sensitive.

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