FastExcel V4 Support

Note: FastExcel V3 is no longer supported.

The V3 installer will only be available for download for a limited period after the launch of FastExcel V4.

FastExcel V4 Product Support

Product support for FastExcel V4 is provided through the FastExcel V4 Google Group

FastExcel V4 Technical Support

Please report any technical problems you encounter with FastExcel V4 to Charles Williams:
You should include:

  • Operating System used ( Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 etc)
  • Excel Version and Build Number
  • FastExcel Build Number (Help-->About)
  • Message in the Statusbar when the problem occurred
  • Error Message
  • Any output from FastExcel V4
  • As much detail of the problem as possible
  • Do NOT email the Excel workbook containing the problem.

We will endeavour to rapidly fix any technical problems in FastExcel V4 and the install packages wherever possible.
Fixes will be made available on this site as downloadable modification levels of FastExcel V4. Each modification level will be distinguished by a unique Build Number, shown in Help - About.

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