FastExcel V4 SpeedTools Lookups

FastExcel SpeedTools Lookups - more powerful, better and faster lookups and comparisons

Download example workbooks Downloads/ and to see for yourself how much better SpeedTools Lookups are!

SpeedTools Lookups give you more Power

  • Multiple columns lookup
  • Multiple rows lookup
  • Two-dimensional lookup of rows and columns
  • Lookup the first or the last or the Nth occurrence
  • Return ALL the rows that match your lookups
  • Case-sensitive lookup
  • Regular expression lookups
  • Wild-card lookup
  • Lookup a range or an array or a calculated array
  • Faster than complicated array formulas

SpeedTools Lookups are Easy to Use

  • Easy-to-use launch and integration with Intellisense and the Excel Function wizard.
  • Integrated Help.

SpeedTools Lookups are less error-prone and work with ALL Excel versions from Excel 2007 forwards

  • Want an exact match from your lookups? Thats always our default setting.
  • Want to lookup but not use the first column? No problem.
  • Want to lookup using multiple columns? No problem.
  • Your data is not sorted? Thats always our default setting.
  • Use column labels instead of numbers for lookup columns and answer columns.
  • Control what gets returned for no match.
  • Separate parameter control for Sort and Exact Match

SpeedTools Lookups calculate faster than standard Excel Lookups in Excel 2007 through Excel 2019

  • Exact match on Sorted data is easy and lightning fast
  • Memory lookup on unsorted data makes lengthy recalculations a thing of the past
  • Reconcile lists of data without waiting for calculation with COMPARE.LISTS
  • Row memory lookups automatically optimise repeated lookups
  • Multi-threaded Lookups
  • Written using the fast C++ XLL interface
  • Choice of Row memory, Column memory or Cell memory

Find miss-coded and missing items fast with Compare.Lists

  • Compare 500000 items with a 500000 item list in under a second
  • Count missing items
  • Filter out miss-matches
  • Find missmatches caused by upper/lower case errors

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