FastExcel V4 SpeedTools Array Functions

SpeedTools contains over 50 powerful functions for Array-Handling

Dynamic Arrays are a revolutionary change for Excel.

But to fully exploit the power of Dynamic Arrays (or CSE formulas) you need more than just a handful of native array functions:

Array Totalling and Arithmetic Functions

  • Create floating or static totals for arrays - TOTALS, HTOTALS, SUMCOLS, SUMROWS
  • Accumulate or Difference successive values for arrays - ACCUMULATE, DIFF
  • Note - BREAKING CHANGE - as from build 458.442 of SpeedTools the parameters for ACCUMULATE have changed
  • Calculate Moving Averages for arrays 6 different ways - MOVAVG
  • Roll-forward arithmetic for dynamic arrays - CORKSCREW

Transform, Stack, Modify and Resize Arrays

  • Transform columns into rows - UNPIVOT
  • Extract one or more slices from an array or range (INDEX-MATCH for arrays) - SLICES
  • Stack ranges/arrays vertically or horizontally - VSTACK, HSTACK, HDR.VSTACK, HDR.HSTACK
  • Insert or remove rows, columns or cells from an array or range - SPLICE

Dynamic Array Comparison and Merging

  • Join 2 arrays or ranges on key columns - MATCHES
  • Find miss-matched rows using key columns (Anti-Join) - MISSMATCHES
  • Efficient comparison of aeeays or ranges - COMPARE.LISTS

Dynamic Array Sorting, Filtering and Distincts/Uniques

  • 6 Sorting functions - collating or binary sort, optionally case-sensitive or indexes
  • Powerful and fast array-friendly filtering versions of SUMIFS and COUNTIFS - FILTER.IFS, ASUMIFS, ACOUNTIFS
  • List unique items from a range or array with sums and counts for each item - LISTDISTINCTS.SUM, LISTDISTINCTS.COUNT

Logical Functions for Arrays

Simplify adding AND and OR to your array formulas with SpeedTools logical functions.
Excel's AND and OR functions do not work well with arrays (They return a single TRUE or FALSE for the whole array).

  • Logical AND for each row, column or cell - AND.ROWS, AND.COLS, AND.CELLS
  • Logical OR for each row, column or cell - OR.ROWS, OR.COLS, OR.CELLS

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