FastExcel V4 Formula Explorer

Formula Explorer Pro - A better way to review, explore, debug and edit formulas

Explorer Pro combines and extends Excel’s ancient Evaluate Formula and Trace Precedents tools.

Watch the Video Explorer 4.2 Overview: Best viewed in Full Screen at 1080P resolution

  • Explore Cell formulas, Conditional Format Formulas, Data Validation Formulas and Named Formulas
  • Forwards and Backwards debug using your arrow keys
  • View, filter and select the results of array expressions and ranges in both Normal and Debug modes
  • Toggle between Expressions, Precedents and Dependents view
    • Precedents include INDIRECT, OFFSET, INDEX and source cells
    • Click a reference or function to select its precedents both within and across worksheets
    • See which precedents are formulas.
    • Dependents view shows the formulas in the dependent cells
    • Drilldown from references to their formulas using right-click (Windows) or Shift-Click (Mac)
  • Modeless and resizable Form – select and modify cells whilst Explorer Pro is showing
  • Show the source cells that functions like VLOOKUP, SUMIFS, MAX etc. are pulling from
  • See the results of individual criteria’s in SUMIFS, COUNTIFS etc.
  • Show the result of IF, CHOOSE, IFS, SWITCH functions
  • Show filtered results from the arguments of functions like SUMPRODUCT

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