FastExcel V4 Name Manager Pro

Name Manager Pro

Name Manager Pro - The world-leading utility to manage Names and Tables

  • Work with both Tables and Defined Names
  • Resizeable Modeless form allows you to change sheet and range selection whilst Name Manager floats in view
  • Handle multiple selected names with one command rather than one by one
  • Extensive filters allow you to easily select the set of names to work with
  • Hide, unhide, localise, globalise, evaluate, analyse, rename and unname Names
  • Link to Formula Explorer Pro to debug Named Formulas
  • Integrated Help

Dynamic Range Wizard

Choose the way your range will expand, use INDEX or OFFSET and choose the anchor cells.

The resizing methods allow for stacked or irregular tables and tables containing empty cells.

Where-used Map of Names

Find out where in your workbook and how many times your Names are being used.

Find and Replace

Use Find and Replace to make changes to the Refers-to formula of the defined names:

Try it out for yourself:

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