SpeedTools V4 Run-Time Library

Use the Run-Time Library to distribute Workbooks that use SpeedTools Functions

The Run-Time library is a one-time additional purchase that allows workbook developers to do unlimited distribution of SpeedTools Functions

The Run-Time is designed to allow existing workbook formulas that use SpeedTools functions to execute correctly on PCs that do not have a licensed version of SpeedTools installed.
It does not facilitate users creating new fomulas that use SpeedTools functions

When you purchase the Run-Time you get freely copyable run-time versions of the SpeedTools Function Library (the XLLs).
You package these XLLs in a zip file with your workbook, add a few lines of VBA to the workbook, and send it to other users.
They simply extract the workbook and the XLLs from the zip file to a single folder, and the SpeedTools Functions are enabled.

Using the SpeedTools Run-Time in this way does not require the user to have Administrative Rights or to run an Installer program.

Buy a SpeedTools Run-Time License Key for $59, 53 EUR or £45.

Installing the SpeedTools Run-Time on a Developer system.

Download the Run-Time installer.

Running the Run-Time Installer will prompt you for your RunTime license key.
The Run-Time installer then creates a folder containing the 32-bit and 64-bit run-time XLLs and documentation.
The default folder location is C:\Program Files (x86)\FastExcelV4\FastExcel V4 Speed Tools\FastExcel V4 Speed Tools Run-Time

The install folder will contain:

Installing SpeedTools Run-Time on the End-Userís System

Using the run-time on a PC without a FastExcel license requires:

  • The XLLs must be located in the same folder as the workbook that uses them.
  • The workbook must contain VBA code in the Workbook_Open module that loads the XLL.
The workbook and the XLLs can be conveniently packaged together in a single zip file that is sent to the user. This makes it easy for the user to unzip into a single folder.

VBA Code for Distributed Workbooks

In order to load the run-time XLLs the following code should be added to the Workbook_Open sub in the ThisWorkbook module.

This code can be found in the RunTime_Loading.txt file and in the ExampleBook.xlsm workbook in the Run-Time install folder.

Try it out for yourself:

Download FastExcel V4.

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You can convert the trial version of FastExcel V4 to a fully licensed version at any time by purchasing one of the FastExcel V4 licensing options.

Want to know more?

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