FastExcel V4 - Helps you speed up Excel

Do you know why your spreadsheet is slow and big?

  • Are you using multi-threading efficiently?
  • Are your lookups or array formulae running slow?
  • Are your UDFs slowing things down?
  • Have you got a formulae blockage?
  • Are your workbooks suffering from file bloat?
  • Have you got a memory usage problem?
  • Or a used-range problem?
  • Or a volatility problem?
  • How much time are each of these problems taking?

Fix it with FastExcel V4:

  • Drill Down and locate your calculation and VBA bottlenecks.
  • Check Workbooks for potential problems.
  • Replace slow Lookup, SUMPRODUCT and Array formulas with SpeedTools new fast functions
  • New Excel Calculation methods and options to only calculate what you need
  • Dynamic Range Wizard: ten ways of making expandable ranges.
  • Clean up your workbook: 17 tools to help you trim your workbook size
  • Manage your workbook names, styles, formats and worksheets
  • Explore, review, understand and debug formulas more easily
  • Explore precedents and dependents more easily
  • Prioritise bottlenecks by time consumption.
  • Use FastExcelís built-in Help to eliminate problems.
  • Solve calculation and memory problems.
  • Build efficient spreadsheets.
  • Document and compare calculation efficiency and memory usage.
  • Time your User Defined Functions.
  • Compare alternative Excel formulas.

How FastExcel V4 helps you speed up Excel

Most slow-running spreadsheets contain a small number of problem areas, or Bottlenecks. Because Excel is such a flexible spreadsheet system there are usually many different formulas that can produce the answer you want. Some of these formulas are much faster than others, but some formulas containing functions like VLOOKUP, SUMPRODUCT and array functions are inherently slow.

In large spreadsheets it can be difficult to locate and prioritise the Bottlenecks.You can use the wide variety of timing and profiling tools in FastExcel to rapidly drill down, locate and prioritise these bottlenecks, and then use FastExcel's advanced functions and built-in Help for advice on eliminating or optimising them.

Use FastExcel SpeedTools fast functions and new calculation modes to speed up your workbooks.

Help and advice on optimising bottlenecks is one click away with FastExcel's built-in Optimising Calculations Help.

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