FastExcel V4 VBA Profiler

FastExcel V4 VBA Profiler

The FastExcel VBA Profiler provides an easy-to-use way of finding out which parts of a VBA solution are using the most execution time.

Profiling your VBA Step-by-Step

  • Make sure that you have enabled Access to the VBA Object Model (File->Options->Trust Centre->Settings->Macro Settings)
  • Use the VBIDE (Alt-F11) to unprotect the VBA you want to profile.
  • Use “Add Profiler Calls” to choose which projects, modules and procedures to Profile.
  • Enable Profiling
  • Run the VBA code you want to profile
  • “Show Profiling Report” to create the profiling report worksheet.
  • For a detailed timing drilldown into a specific procedure select the procedure in “Add Profiler Calls” and choose the every Nth line option.

Use VBA Trace to trace the sequence of execution of your VBA code (useful for crashes and tracing Event calls)

Cleaning Up: Don’t forget to “Remove Profiler Calls” to clean up your VBA!

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