FastExcel Manager Pro V4 for Office 365 Mac

FastExcel Manager Pro for Office 365 Macintosh Excel 16

Build 759.698

The essential power tool for Mac Excel:

  • Clean Workbook:
    Eleven essential tools to trim workbook bloat and maximise efficiency
  • Formula Explorer Pro:
    Powerful ways of exploring, debugging and editing formulas, precedents and dependents
  • Name Manager Pro:
    Filter, Edit and Manage all aspects of Named Ranges and Named Formulas
  • Sheet Manager:
    Sort, Protect, Hide, Rename and Manage worksheets
  • Check Workbook:
    Highlight potential problem areas with a comprehensive diagnostic report
  • Calculation Manager:
    Time calculation of formulas, worksheets and workbooks. Control and extend Excel's calculation methods

Manager Pro for Mac V4 License holders can download and install the latest build.

Installing the latest build will overwrite the previous Manager Pro installation and preserve the license activation.

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