Installing FastExcel Manager Pro for Mac

FastExcel Manager Pro V4 for Mac Requires Office 365 Mac Excel

Manager Pro for Mac V4 License holders can download and install the latest build.

Installing the latest build will overwrite the previous Manager Pro installation and preserve the license activation.

Free Download:

The zip file contains:

  • fxlMgrProMac.xlam
  • FXLV4_Manager.pdf
  • FastExcel_ExplorerPro_Demotest.xlsm
  • Known Issues FastExcel Mac Manager Pro.docx
  • License_FXLMgrPro.txt

Copy the zip file to a folder of your choice

There are 2 ways of loading the FXL Manager Pro addin.

1. To make FXL Manager Pro load every time you start Excel

  • Start Excel
  • ->Tools->Excel Addins->Browse
  • Locate the fxlMgrProMac.xlam file in your folder and click Open
  • The FXL Manager Pro tab should now appear on the Ribbon each time you start Excel

2. To load FXL Manager Pro just for this Excel session

  • Start Excel
  • File->Open the fxlMgrProMac.xlam file
  • The FXL Manager Pro tab should now appear on the Ribbon but will not appear next time you start Excel

Please report your bugs, suggestions and comments to Charles Williams

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