Fedex and Decision Models

Decision Models has worked with FedEx Express in Europe on a variety of projects over a number of years.
The two major projects that stand out are the Price Rate Development tool and a series of European Route Planning Models.

Price Rate Development Tool.

The Price Rate Development Tool is an Excel VBA add-In that links to a number of server databases and templates (Excel, Access and Informix).
The tool has an additional Excel menu that provides an easy-to-use set of commands and forms to allow the user to perform a wide range of pricing tasks.

The tool can generate an Excel workbook on the user's PC with the following functions:

  • Rate upload/download and comparison
  • New rate development
  • Discount matrix and rates development
  • Impact analysis pivot table
  • Multi-currency rate comparison and conversion

All the standard, familiar Excel functions can be used on the generated workbook.

The tool has been designed to increase the user's productivity and reduce errors by automating routine calculations and administrative tasks, so that the user can concentrate on developing the optimum pricing strategies.

European Route Planning Models.

This large and complex set of Excel workbooks provides a 5 or 10-year model of the European express market and the FedEx European network of city to city routes.
The user can dynamically vary both marketing resources and route service levels by coverage area, and the model will calculate the resulting volumes and revenue for each route by year.
Additional models break this down to months, where required.

The main Excel model contains over 30 megabytes of formulae, and has been optimised to calculate in just over 10 seconds on a 300 Mhz PC.

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