Excel Links - Recommended Sites

Here are some of my favourite Excel Sites, in alphabetic order.

 Rob Bovey MVP - Application Professionals

  • I recommend using Rob's Code Cleaner and Utilities.

 Stephen Bullen MVP - Business Modelling Solutions

 Debra Dalgleish MVP - Contextures

  • Debra has an excellent, simple and clearly written set of Excel tips and techniques.

 IBM Business Dynamics - Spreadsheet Modelling Best Practice

  • Nick Read and Jonathan Batson's Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Methodology.
  • The best guide on developing spreadsheets I know. Strongly recommended. Available from the EUSPRIG site.

Peter Noneley - Excel Function Dictionary

  • A wonderfully helpful set of examples for Excel functions.

 Chip Pearson MVP - Pearson Software Consulting

  • The best Excel VBA site.

 Jon Peltier MVP - Peltier Technical Services

  • If you want to know more about Excel Charts this is the place.

 Jan Karel Pieterse MVP - JKP Application Development Services

  • Co-author of Name Manager.
  • Learn how to register VBA UDFs properly with the Function Wizard
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