FastExcel V4 Whats New

FastExcel V4 Whats New

This page shows details of updates and fixes made to FastExcel V4 since the initial release.

For information on the improvements in Version 4 compared to Version 3 see FastExcel V4 for V3 users.

For an overview of FastExcel V4 see Why FastExcel V4

The current build numbers of FastExcel V4 are

  • Profiler V4: 796
  • Manager Pro V4 for Windows: 493.799
  • Manager Pro V4 for Mac: 493.799
  • SpeedTools V4: 448.436

Changes in recent builds:

  • 27 February 2020
    • Build 493.799 of fastExcel Manager Pro
    • Added Check DA to Manager Pro - Back compatibility checker for dynamic array Excel
    • Show Sheet Code names option in Sheet Manager
    • Additional Coloring options in Formula Explorer
    • Name Manager remove names also removes Names used in Power Query
  • 23 February 2020
    • Fixes for Deactivate Licenses
    • Fixes for Cyrillic support
    • Fix for selecting in Explorer Pro with Formula Indenting switched off
    • Added Control-A to Name Manager to select all filtered Names (bypass of Mac Excel bug)
  • 13 February 2020: SpeedTools Build 447.436 - fix for compile error in Excel 2007
  • 6 February 2020
    • Fixes for Calc Timing Keys
    • Fixes for Profile Workbook
  • 5 February 2020
    • Automatic installer improvements and fixes
    • Fixes for Counting functions and the Dynamic Range wizard
  • 1 February 2000 - Release of FastExcel V4

Known problems :

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