A History of the Heyder Family

(Haider, Heider, Heyder, von Heider and von Heyder)

My great-uncle Hugh Myddleton Heyder was an expert researcher and genealogist. He translated from German, and updated, a book called Die Familie Heider that gives the history of the Heyder (Haider, Heider, Heyder, von Heider and von Heyder).

This remarkable family can be traced in Germany from AD 775 to the 1950s. In 1866, disliking the incorpation of Frankfurt into Prussia, three of the sons of the family in Frankfurt came to England (Liverpool) and France (Le Havre) to found the English and French branches of the family.

This work can be viewed as a companion to the History of the Blessig Family.
(Two Heyder brothers married two Blessig Sisters in 1874 and 1881).

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The Heyder Family, Table of Contents, Chapters I to III

The Origins of the Family and the Heyder name, AD 775 to 1300

The Heyder Family, Chapters IV to VIII

Lauben, Leutkirch, Nordlingen, Lindau: AD 1311 to 1753

The Heyder Family, Chapters IX to XII

Leutkirch, Biberach, AD 1741 to 1810

The Heyder Family, Chapters XIII to XIV

The Heyder Family, Chapters XV

The Heyder-Arledter and von Heyder family at Frankfurt, Liverpool and Le Havre, AD 1779 to 1910

The Heyder Family, Chapters XVI, XVIII and the Index


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