Clues and Conjectures - A History of Spurnal Manor in Livonia

Spurnal Manor in Livonia was home to Constantin Blessig and his descendants from 1876 until the 1939 expatriation to Germany.

In 2017 Gustav Gnadeberg, a great-grandson of Constantin Blessig, completed his research into the history of Spurnal and wrote "Clues and Conjectures - An Attempt at a History of Spurnal"

The Spurnal Origin Mystery

The Blessig family believed that the name "Spurnal" was of English origin, and there is a village in England called "Spernall", near Warwick, which dates back to the Domesday book. Although the Earls of Warwick and their retinues were involved in various Crusades in the Baltic states, so far attempts to conclusively tie the two places together have failed, hence we only have "Clues and Conjectures".