FastExcel SpeedTools Lookups

FastExcel SpeedTools Lookups - better and faster lookups and comparisons

Download example workbooks Downloads/ and to see for yourself how much better SpeedTools Lookups are!

Find misscoded and missing items fast with Compare.Lists

  • Compare 500000 items with a 500000 item list in under a second
  • Count missing items
  • Filter out miss-matches
  • Find missmatches caused by upper/lower case errors

SpeedTools Lookups are Easier to Use and less Error-prone

  • Want an exact match from your lookups? Thats always our default setting.
  • Want to lookup but not use the first column? No problem.
  • Want to lookup using multiple columns? No problem.
  • Your data is not sorted? Thats always our default setting.
  • Use column labels instead of numbers for lookup columns and answer columns.
  • Control what gets returned for no match.
  • Separate parameter control for Sort and Exact Match
  • Easy-to-use launch and integration with the Excel Function wizard.
  • Integrated Help.

SpeedTools Lookups calculate faster than standard Excel Lookups

  • Exact match on Sorted data is easy and lightning fast
  • Memory lookup on unsorted data makes lengthy recalculations a thing of the past
  • Reconcile lists of data without waiting for calculation with COMPARE.LISTS
  • Row memory lookups automatically optimise repeated lookups
  • Multi-threaded Lookups
  • Written using the fast C++ XLL interface
  • Choice of Row memory, Column memory or Cell memory

SpeedTools Lookups give you more Power

  • Multiple columns lookup
  • Multiple rows lookup
  • Two-dimensional lookup of of rows and columns
  • Lookup the first or the last or the Nth occurrence
  • Return ALL the rows that match your lookups
  • Case-sensitive lookup
  • Regular expression lookup
  • Wild-card lookup
  • Lookup a range or an array or a calculated array
  • Faster than complicated array formulas

Free Copy of SpeedTools Calc

SpeedTools Lookups gives you all the additional calculation control and options of SpeedTools Calc, at no extra charge.

Try it for yourself!

Download the 15-day full-featured trial of FastExcel V3 build 236.656.793.380

Note: the trial version of FastExcel V3 profiler does not enable Profile Workbook, Profile Worksheet and Profile Formulas, and the Drill down wizard will only profile a single worksheet.

You can convert the trial version of FastExcel V3 to a fully licensed version at any time by purchasing one of the FastExcel V3 licensing options.



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