FastExcel SpeedTools Calc

FastExcel SpeedTools Calc

FastExcel SpeedTools Calc allows you to only calculate what you need, faster

  • Control the initial calculation mode to be used when Excel opens.
  • Calculate only specific sheets in Automatic mode.
  • Calculate only the active workbook when you have many workbooks open.
  • Set Calculation mode individually for a group of worksheets (MixMode sheets) within a workbook.
  • Set Calculation mode individually for each workbook, even with multiple workbooks open.
  • Extend the available calculation methods to include Range and Full Calculate Sheet.
  • Control Multi-threaded Calculation
  • Get accurate timings for any kind of calculation, including selected formulas.
  • Tradeoff opening and editing speed with calculation speed using ForceFullCalculation (Excel 2007 and later)
  • Choose the method for Range Calculate (Excel 2007 and later)
  • Speed up your VBA functions in Manual calculation mode

Control SpeedTools Settings

  • Switch on or off the display of calculation times
  • Control the Range Calculation method and number of trials
  • Manage the Lookup Memory (requires SpeedTools Lookups)
  • Show and manage the status of your SpeedTools licenses.

Try it for yourself!

Download the 15-day full-featured trial of FastExcel V3 build 236.656.793.380

Note: the trial version of FastExcel V3 profiler does not enable Profile Workbook, Profile Worksheet and Profile Formulas, and the Drill down wizard will only profile a single worksheet.

You can convert the trial version of FastExcel V3 to a fully licensed version at any time by purchasing one of the FastExcel V3 licensing options.


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