FastExcel V3: Whats New for V2 Users

FastExcel V3: Whats New for FastExcel V2 Users

FastExcel V3 is a major rewrite of FastExcel V2 and provides many of the things you have been asking for:

  • Supports 64-bit Excel
  • New Ribbon user interface
  • Profiling for multi-threaded calculation
  • Support for the new capabilities of Excel 2010 and 2013
  • Several hundred detailed improvements
  • 90 new superfast multi-threaded functions

FastExcel V3 has been split into 3 major functional areas so that you can buy only the tools that you need.

  • FastExcel Profiler
  • FastExcel Manager
  • FastExcel SpeedTools

Upgrade offer from FastExcel V2

There is an upgrade offer for FastExcel V2 Users

FastExcel V3 Profiler

New Drill-Down Wizard

  • Easy drilldown from workbook to worksheet to formula

New Formula Profiler

  • Automatically profiles the distinct formulas on a worksheet
  • Shows which formulas are volatile or single-threaded

Profile Workbook Improvements

  • Analyses Multi-Threaded efficiency
  • Volatility analysis allows for multi-threading
  • Conditional Format useage is analysed
  • Improved statistics

Profile Worksheet Improvements

  • Profiling areas, rows and columns allows for multi-threading
  • Conditional Format Rules analysis
  • Better control of the granularity of the analysis

FastExcel V3 Manager

Name Manager Pro

  • Supports Tables as well as Defined Names
  • Dynamic Range Wizard choice of INDEX or OFFSET
  • Enhanced Where-used Map for Names

New Formula Indenter/Viewer/Editer

A better way of understang, debugging, building and modifying complex formulas

  • Dynamic Choice of Indentation styles
  • Easy navigation and evaluation of parts of the formula
  • Tight integration with Excel
    • Function Wizard
    • Defined Names
    • References
    • Relative/absolute switching

New Sheet Manager

Filter, Sort, Rename, Protect, Hide multiple sheets

Clean Workbook & Where-Used Maps

  • Enhanced used range cleaning
  • Integration of the FastExcel GoTO buttons with the Where-Used Maps

FastExcel V3 SpeedTools

90 new multi-threaded superfast functions integrated with the Function Wizard

  • Lookups
  • Filters and Distincts
  • Array Handling
  • Text
  • Mathematical
  • Information

Try it out for yourself:

Download the 15-day full-featured trial of FastExcel V3 build 233.656.791.380

Note: the trial version of FastExcel V3 profiler does not enable Profile Workbook, Profile Worksheet and Profile Formulas, and the Drill down wizard will only profile a single worksheet.

You can convert the trial version of FastExcel V3 to a fully licensed version at any time by purchasing one of the FastExcel V3 licensing options.

Want to know more?

Download the FastExcel V3 Help file or the FastExcel V3 User Guide (PDF)
(you may need to unblock the downloaded .CHM file - Right-Click->Properties->Unblock)




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