Formula Viewer/Editer

Formula Viewer/Editer - A better way to understand, debug and create complex formulas

  • Dynamic choice of Indenting style
  • Auto Refresh option updates the formula box as you change your selection on the sheet
  • Tightly integrated with Excel (Function Wizard, Defined Names, References, Array Formulas, A1/R1C1 ...)
  • Select and evaluate within a formula by
    • Function
    • Parentheses
    • Reference
    • Operator

The evaluate box shows the result of evaluating the selected part of the formula.

Dynamically change the Indenting style

For instance you can show each of the parameters in the OR function by clicking the 'After Each Comma' checkbox:

Easily jump to, select and evaluate different parts of the Formula

The Select options work in conjunction with the navigate arrows (Next left, This, Next right, Expand selection, Contract selection).

So if you click the right arrow with Functions selected the selection jumps to the next function on the right and shows you the result in the evaluate box.

Modifying the Formula

You can modify the formula by directly editing the formula text and there are also many of the familiar Excel tools built-in:

  • Function Wizard - modify, embed or add a function
  • Insert a Reference or a Defined Name
  • Change a reference from Relative to Absolute (F4)
  • Build up a Mega-Formula by inserting a copy of another formula

Try it out for yourself:

Download the 15-day full-featured trial of FastExcel V3 build 236.656.793.380

Note: the trial version of FastExcel V3 profiler does not enable Profile Workbook, Profile Worksheet and Profile Formulas, and the Drill down wizard will only profile a single worksheet.

You can convert the trial version of FastExcel V3 to a fully licensed version at any time by purchasing one of the FastExcel V3 licensing options.

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